Stephen Lee Canner - guitar/vocals
Born in the Camelot years into a family of Arkansas dirt farmers with Appalachian roots, Stephen Lee Canner became obsessed with music as soon as he could work the record player by himself. He began playing guitar at the age of 7 and very quickly developed a fascination with both Johnny Cash and Black Sabbath. In his youth he played with early no-name punk and post punk bands, fronted a NY Dolls style glam band throughout much of the 80s, and founded the Madison, Wisconsin, based garage twang band The Nazarenes in the early 90s. A move to North Carolina in the mid-90s saw his music moving in a more stripped down acoustic direction. After relocating to Austin, Texas, in 1997, he focused on songwriting, released a solo EP (Black Dirt and Blue Eyes, 2003), and formed The Victor Mourning in 2008. The band's base of operation moved to East Tennessee in early 2012.

Lynne Adele - guitjo/vocals
Born into a musical family in small town Nebraska (her grandparents had a family band that enjoyed regional popularity on the barn dance circuit, her father toured with both Artie Shaw and Claude Thornhill, and her mother sang and played upright bass in a jazz combo), harmony vocalist/guitjo player Lynne Adele spent much of her childhood in southern Minnesota. She's been singing and playing guitar most of her life. Lynne earned BFA and MA degrees in art history at The University of Texas at Austin, and is a respected authority on the work of self-taught/outsider artists. Dividing her time between music and scholarly pursuits, she has written for publications including Raw Vision and American Art, and has contributed nine articles to the soon-to-be-published Folk Art volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture.

Stefan Keydel - fiddle
Stefan Keydel grew up in suburban Baltimore, Maryland, where he received classical violin training in his youth. His teen years found him playing bass guitar in a series of rock bands, and while studying at the University of Michigan in the early 1980s, he was a member of the industrial noise band, Tool and Die. As a graduate student in folklore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he returned to the violin, this time playing traditional music. After earning his master's degree, Stefan served for a time as director of the Louisiana Folklife Festival before relocating to Austin, Texas, where he is active in the old time music scene.